Simplify for the Best

Date: 01/18/2013

I recently read about “the love metric” from Patrick Rhone:

This year: Only hold onto things you love. Next year: Only hold onto things you not only still love, but love even more.

It sounds like the perfect way to simplify the clutter in your life and make sure you’re getting the most enjoyment out of the things you own. Thinking about it brought me back to Dustin Curtis’ idea of only owning the best:

…the time it takes to find the best of something is completely worth it. It’s better to have a few fantastic things designed for you than to have many untrustworthy things poorly designed to please everyone.

I can see a huge parallel between these two statements. The things you continue to love more every year are the things that are the best. In the long run, it is a waste of time and money to settle for something less than the best. The result is a better life with less things and less clutter. Dustin sums it up with one great sentence:

The result–being able to blindly trust the things you own–is intensely liberating.

My wife and I are making it a goal in 2013 to simplify our lives, getting rid of the clutter and making do with less to have the best.