Readings of Interest #2

  • KAYAK is sharing their flight search trends, interesting to dig into to see how air travel dropped off and is coming back.
  • After ending subscriptions with Elsevier, The University of California system has signed a open-access deal with Springer Nature. This is a win for open-access and a big deal because Nature is one of the most prestigious journals worldwide.
  • Scientific American has published a detailed visual guide to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus if you are interested in learning more about how the virus infects the body, replicates, and how the body responds, as well as some drug and vaccine strategies.
  • Before you look at this COVID-19 case data, know that the population of the US is 330 million and the EU is 446 million. (Thanks Max Roser)
  • A paper from Harvard asked the following question: “How do COVID-19 mortality rates vary by age across US racial/ethnic groups?”. The answer? “In all age strata, COVID-19 mortality rates were higher for racial/ethnic minorities compared to whites, with extremely high rate ratios (5-9-fold higher) among younger adults (24-54 years) more than 3 times the age-standardized rate ratio. More years of potential life lost were experienced by African Americans and Latinos than whites, although the white population is 3-4 fold larger.”