Readings of Interest #3


  • Amazon creates a $2 billion climate fund, as it struggles to cut its own emissions. “But Amazon still has plenty of work to do on reducing its own emissions, which rose 15% last year to more than 50 million metric tons…Amazon—which posted nearly $12 billion in profit last year and has nearly $30 billion in cash on hand—could easily afford to invest far more than $2 billion on these problems.” We all love Amazon and find it hard to shop elsewhere while at the same time knowing there are many issues.
  • I discovered Nick Wignall’s (a clinical psychologist) blog recently (thanks Om) and found his list of 4 Things Happy People Don’t Do to be fascinating and things we all could spend more time thinking about. He frames some of them as things to stop doing, and I’ve tried to re-frame them in a more positive light here:
  1. If you can’t control or influence something, it’s not worth worrying about.
  2. Talk to yourself compassionately like you would to a close friend.
  3. Let your expectations be flexible.
  4. Live by your values rather than feelings.


  • The Rt was only above 1 in 5 states two months ago, as of June 24th, it was above 1 in 29 states. (Max Roser)
  • The amount of testing in the US is starting to increase relative to the size of the outbreak, but we could still be doing much better. (Our World in Data)
  • A very data rich and interesting discussion on emerging COVID-19 success stories.


  • While I’m still working through White Fragility, there is quite a bit of criticism around the book. See this Twitter thread by Rhea Boyd MD, MPH. So far my impression is that there are a few key ideas that could be covered in many less words.
  • I’ve been baking bread for a year or so now, and most of the sourdough recipes (Tartine is a favorite) make a huge amount of dough. I’ve experimented with saving the dough to avoid having to freeze bread, but haven’t had a ton of success until I recently discovered New Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I’ve managed to greatly increase my whole grain content as well as have fresh bread every few days.